Sponsored Projects

Checklist for Proposal Development and Submission

Use this checklist as a plan of action for getting your proposal submitted. Please remember, no proposal may be submitted to an external agency unless this process is satisfactorily completed.

  1. Develop the project idea. Discuss your project concept with your department chair, dean’s office and the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).
  2. Contact OSP to conduct a funding agency search.
  3. After choosing an appropriate funding agency, contact OSP to obtain agency guidelines, contact agency program officers, determine strategies for meeting deadlines, discuss any electronic submission requirements.
  4. Determine whether or not the funding program requires matching funds and make appropriate contacts to secure matching commitment. Meet with OSP staff to start budget development discussions. See Cost Sharing Policy
  5. Prepare draft of proposal. Submit draft to OSP at least two weeks in advance of the deadline if typing and/or editing assistance is requested.
  6. Submit proposal to OSP two weeks prior to submission for preparation of the Internal Routing Sheet. Once the Internal Routing Sheet has been prepared, the Project Director must route it to all relevant parties for approval signatures.
  7. Deliver the completed proposal and signed Internal Routing Sheet to OSP for final approval one week prior to submission.
  8. Discuss the agency's submission requirements and coordinate the submission process with OSP. Generally, OSP assumes responsibility for submitting all applications. In addition, OSP will provide copies of your proposal to all signatories on the Internal Routing Sheet.
  9. Proposals submitted via an electronic submission system must be made available in complete and final form to OSP at least two working days in advance of the agency's deadline.
  10. Notify OSP immediately if contacted by the funding agency for further information, or to discuss a budget item.