Sponsored Projects

Where to Find Funding

We can assist you in finding sources of funding for your sponsored research and public service projects through the following databases.



  • GrantForward is a search engine dedicated to helping institutions and individuals find grants to fund their research.
    • GrantForward covers more than 13,000 sponsor sources to provide a comprehensive database of more than 40,000 funding opportunities that continues to grow with the most up to date information.
    • GrantForward's powerful search system helps to lessen the hassle of searching for grants with adaptable search filters and specialized search features.
    • GrantForward researcher profiles allow researchers to highlight their research achievements and interests to receive personalized grant recommendations for grant opportunities that match their research needs.
Create Your GrantForward Account and Researcher Profile:
  • Start moving your research forward and create an account (click here for a QuickTip demo video) to access GrantForward. In order to be able to take advantage of all of the features that GrantForward offers, you will have to create an account using your institution email address.
  • If you would like to benefit from receiving grant recommendations, then you will aldo need to make sure to create your researcher profile.

National Endowment for the Humanities Sumer Stipends Program:

The National Endowment for the Humanities is again offering a competition for their Summer Stipend Program. The Summer Stipend program is a summer research fellowship program that provides opportunities for individuals to conduct advanced work to enhance their capacity as interpreters of and contributors to thought and knowledge in the humanities. Awards are made for $8,000 (increased from $6,000 in previous years) for two consecutive months’ full and uninterrupted work on a chosen research project. The NEH application deadline is September 18, 2024.

Faculty members teaching full-time at colleges and universities must be nominated by their institutions to apply for a Summer Stipend. This year, each university may nominate only one faculty member. Since each University may only nominate one applicant, an Internal University Competition will be conducted to choose which one applicant will be nominated for submission to NEH.

To be considered in the Internal University Competition, faculty members should prepare the following materials according to the instructions in the NEH guidelines found at http://www.neh.gov/grants/research/summer-stipends or in the Notice of Funding Opportunity. Submit these materials, by 4:30 p.m. on August 16, 2024, in a Word or PDF file attachment in an email to sm-sutton@wiu.edu.

  1. narrative (not to exceed three single-spaced pages)
  2. bibliography (not to exceed one page)
  3. resume (not to exceed two pages)

A University committee will then choose the application to nominate to NEH.

Other Helpful Resources Include:

Our website also offers links to some of the most popular state and federal agencies.

Contact Kari Woodrum at KN-Woodrum@wiu.edu for assistance.