Sponsored Projects

University Research Council members

Name Department/Area Term of Office Phone Number
Holly Nikels Interim Associate Provost for Budget, Personnel & Research   (309) 762-1876
Esteban Araya Physics (Science and Mathematics) FY2024-2026 (309) 298-1359
Josh Averbeck Communication (COFAC) FY2024-2026 (309) 298-1507
Colin Harbke Psychology
(Social Sciences)
FY2022-2024 (309) 298-1206
Hoyet Hemphill Engineering Technology 
(Business and Technology)
FY2022-2024 (309) 298-1952
In Lee 

Computer Sciences (Agriculture and Technology) 

FY2024-2026 (309) 298-1409
Kasing Man Economics and Decision Sciences
(Decision Sciences)
FY2022-2024 (309) 298-1636
Febe Pamonag History (Arts And Sciences) FY2024-2026 (309) 298-1614
Vacant  (Human Services) FY2024-2026  
Sharon Stevens Educational Studies (Education) FY2022-2024 (309) 298-1183