University Technology

Procedure for Faculty Requesting Software in uTech Labs and Classrooms


Wherever possible, network licensing that can be managed from a license manager server is preferred.

Software must have

  • a site license
  • meet uTech OS version requirements
  • must accommodate the number of students who will be using it (i.e., if it is to be installed in the labs, the software must be licensed at least for the number of students using it – if 10 students, it must be a 10 user license and it will only be installed on 10 machines). 
  • Faculty or department must have the media available for installation or provide website download information.
  • Media must be compatible with the lab computers it is to be installed in.

Making a Request

Faculty must call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH) to enter a service ticket prior to the semester the software is to be used. 

A minimum 90-day lead time is required and ability to complete the request may be based on availability of staff.

Requests should be made as early as possible!

Software must be in place by

  • March 1 (summer sessions)
  • June 1 (fall session)
  • October 1 (spring session) 

The request must include:

  1. faculty member’s name
  2. faculty member’s phone number & campus address
  3. software name and license agreement
  4. preferred room and type of station the license is compatible with (Mac or Windows, including the version)

Some software packages are available in the labs already (i.e., SPSS.) However, it is the faculty’s responsibility to be sure the software uTech has available is the same version he/she is teaching.

For instance, software upgrades that arrive mid-semester are typically installed during break prior to the next semester. This means if a course based on a campus-wide software package (such as SPSS) is taught consecutive semesters, it is wise to check with uTech to be sure which version will be available.

Campus Considerations

What is available in the Macomb campus labs may not be available in the WIU - QC Campus labs.

If you are faculty teaching in both locations, to verify the version available please contact;

  • Lab Manager (309) 298-2847 and
  • QC Campus:  (309) 762-3999, Ext. 62223