University Technology

Tips to Save Paper and Reduce Waste

There are several ways to reduce printing costs and waste across campus.

  • Do not print a file unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure to use print preview before submitting.
  • Print only the pages you need to print.
  • When doing research, save your material by emailing documents or links to yourself, save to your network storage drive (P:/Samba/Files), or a USB flash drive.
  • Make sure you use the default two-sided printing that is in place.  Do not change to single-sided.
  • Print multiple PowerPoint slides on each page and change settings to black and white, rather than grey scale or color.
  • When printing study guides or class notes, reduce margins and font point sizes to minimize page counts or set up to print two pages on one sheet.
  • If multiple copies are required, use a copy machine rather than a laser printer.

Please think before you print!  Ask yourself "Do I really need to print this email, web page or 50 page article?"