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Information for Faculty and Staff at WIU-QC

Information for Faculty and Staff

The Quad Cities Academic Affairs Team shares a commitment to contribute to a campus environment that fosters positive and engaging learning experiences for students, innovative and state-of-the-art campus spaces, and efficient and effective instructional and operational support for WIU faculty and staff on the Quad Cities campus.

Academic Affairs - Quad Cities

As members of The Provost's Office Leadership Team and our respective Colleges, the Academic Affairs – Quad Cities team collaborates across departments and disciplines to facilitate and coordinate Quad Cities-based academic initiatives.

  • Mr. Jeff Calhoun, Director, University Technology Quad Cities
  • Mr. Tom Finley, Librarian, Quad Cities Library
  • Dr. Kristi Mindrup, Assistant VP, Academic Affairs Quad Cities
  • Dr. Holly Nikels, Chair, Department of Counselor Education and College Student Personnel
  • Dr. Bill Pratt, Director, School of Engineering
  • Dr. Jim Rabchuk, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Pam White, Director, Museum Studies

Academic Affairs Links

Office of the Provost | College of Arts and Sciences | College of Business and Technology | College of Education and Human Services | College of Fine Arts and Communication | School of Engineering | Department of Counselor Education | Museum Studies Program | University Libraries | University Technology

Academic Affairs - WIU Quad Cities

Academic Culture Team (QC-ACT)

The newly Academic Culture Team meets monthly to discuss academic-focused event schedule coordination, to promote extracurricular engagement between faculty, staff, and students; and to generate ideas aimed toward increasing awareness and participation on various academic happenings or initiatives on the Quad Cities campus. Additional participants are always welcome. E-mail Kristi Mindrup, KS-Mindrup@wiu.edu for more information or meeting dates.

  • Dr. Christine Anderson
  • Mr. Jeff Calhoun
  • Dr. Everett Hamner
  • Ms. Kellie Larrabie
  • Dr. Rebecca McLean
  • Dr. James Rabchuk
  • Dr. Susan Stewart
  • Dr. Tammy Werner
  • Dr. Pam White
  • Mr. Curtis Williams

Quad Cities Academic Traditions and Events