University Technology


What do I need to connect my computer to the Internet?

Email & ECom Accounts

How do I get an ECom (email) username, password, and email address?

  • Accounts are automatically created once you have registered with WIU.
  • You are assigned a unique username and password. Remember this username/password combination. You will need it to retrieve your WIU e-mail and to access other ECom services.

I forgot my password. Can you look it up for me?

  • For security purposes, we cannot look up your ECom password. We canreset it and then have to change it to a new password.
  • Call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704 or the Student Assistance and Parent Services at (309) 298-2092 to have your ECom password reset. 
    Please have your WIU ID number ready when you call.

I am getting messages saying I am over quota. What does that mean?

  • When you get these messages, our system is telling you that you are using too much space. 

    To correct this problem please delete AND purge messages you no longer need. If you do not resolve this issue, after 30 days your account will no longer function and you will need to call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2092 for assistance with your account.
  • Call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704 to find out how much your account is over quota, how many messages you need to delete, and walk you through removing old messages.

Protect Your Computer & Info from Badware & Viruses

I am having a lot of popup's and my computer is slow, what's wrong with my computer?;

  • The problem you are having is spyware. Spyware are programs designed to watch where you go on the Internet, and to aggressively advertise by forcing unwanted windows to popup on your computer.

    To eliminate the problem you must have your computer updated AND you need to scan once every two weeks by programs such as Ad-Aware, Spybot, or Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta. These software programs can be found in our ResNet software section.

  • For more help, please call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704.

I want to protect myself against viruses, what software should I use?

  • Western Illinois University now offers free Symantec Anti-Virus for our students. To install, please go here.
  • We recommend that you scan with Symantec Anti-Virus once a week, and always have the latest live-updates.

I think I have a virus, how do I remove it?

  • Some viruses can be removed just by having Anti-Virus software installed. Some, more complex viruses need other tools to remove them. If you would like to remove the virus yourself a good place to start is searching Symantec's site.
  • Or, contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704 & request assistance from Resnet.
  • If you think you have a virus, and need extra help, please call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704.