University Technology

Printing Services

Laser printing services are provided in all uTech computer labs and WIU Libraries. Documents may be submitted from lab computers as well as wirelessly from a personal laptop computer. 

uPrint, a service provided by uTech.

Once a document is submitted, the student visits a release station located near the printer(s), logs in with ECom credentials, and chooses ‘Print’ beside the document(s) to be printed. Documents submitted in error may also be canceled in this view. The printed document will be in the printer’s top tray.

Duplex (two-sided) printing is the default and we strongly encourage use of this setting.

Color laser printing is available only in Horrabin Hall room 75. There is a $.25 per printed side charge for color printing and Rocky Dollars is the charge-back method.

Wireless access to black and white laser printers is available from University Technology’s WebPrint Services. This service allows students to wirelessly print from a personal device.

Accessing & Using uPrint

Go to and login with your ECom credentials.

uPrint Login Screen.


  (REF 1) 

Submitting a Print Job.

(REF 2) Be sure to take note of the print release station locations. Choose "Submit a job."

Print release stations.


(REF 3) Choose your preferred location (QC Campus, University Technology or Library Ref West) by selecting the corresponding radio button.

Choose your print location.


(REF 4) The number of copies defaults to one and is the preferred setting. There is a 50 page two-sided and 100 page single-sided maximum per print job.

Selection of document to print.


(REF 5)  It’s important to note the allowed file types. If uploading a PowerPoint file we strongly recommend setting up the file to be printed in multiple slides to a page, or outline format and export to pdf BEFORE uploading. Print jobs cannot be formatted after upload. Browse to the location and choose the file you want to print. Upload from computer.

Go to one of the print release locations noted in Ref 2 above, login to the station with your ECom credentials and choose print. Report any problems to staff on duty, or call the uTech Support Center at 309-298-2704. 

Always logout when you’re done!


Please report any problems to staff on duty, or call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704.

Please print responsibly!

Printing Locations

  • Brophy Hall 115
  • Currens Hall 301
  • Horrabin Hall 75 (color)
  • Horrabin Hall 77
  • Knoblauch Hall 107
  • Library 1st floor Digital Commons
  • Library Reference East
  • Library Reference West
  • Library 2nd floor Computer Classroom
  • Library 3rd floor Computer Resource Center and Classroom
  • Memorial Hall 046
  • Morgan Hall 124
  • Multicultural Center 103
  • North Quad-Tanner Hall 217
  • Olson Hall 110
  • South Quad-Grote Hall 109
  • Waggoner Hall 110
  • Stipes Hall 307
  • Stipes Hall 331
  • Tanner Hall Info Desk
  • Thompson Hall 102
  • Waggoner Hall 110

Printing Statistics from Papercut Print Server FY16:

Days in period: 365
Active Users: 10,093
Active Printers: 66

Total Printed Pages: 7,328,655 (both sides printed)
Total Printed Sheets: 4,449,506 (sheets of paper)

Total Jobs: 1,165,176

Pages per day: 21,876
Sheets per day: 13,282

Duplex: 6,355,289; 86.72%
Simplex: 973,376; 13.28%

Trees Consumed: 55.27 trees
CO2 Produced: 22,022.8 kg
Equivalent Bulb Hours: 1,260,693.4 hours 

Printing Statistics from Papercut Print Server FY15:

Days in period: 365
Active Users: 10,930
Active Printers: 77

Total Printed Pages: 8,375,427 (both sides printed)
Total Printed Sheets: 5,078,441 (sheets of paper)

Total Jobs: 1,324,289

Pages per day: 22,946
Sheets per day: 13,913

Duplex: 7,245,868; 86.51%
Simplex: 1,129,559; 13.49%

Trees Consumed: 63.09 trees
CO2 Produced: 22,853.0 kg
Equivalent Bulb Hours: 1,438,891.6 hours