University Technology

Frequently Asked Questions About uPrint

How much does printing cost?

Students pay a technology fee.  That fee pays for black and white laser printing in uTech and Library computer labs.  Color printing does have a charge of $.25 per printed side and charges back to the student’s Rocky Dollars allotment.  uTech color printing is only available in Horrabin Hall room 75.

Why charge for color printing?

Cost of color printing is more costly than black and white.  The $.25 per page charge is only for cost recovery and only covers the color toner and the drums.  Black toner, paper and maintenance kits are not covered in the per-page charge but are covered by the students’ technology fee.

If my color print job is faulty, can I be refunded?

Yes.  See the lab assistant on duty.  Leave your print job with that individual and fill out the required form.  Your documents will be delivered to the Lab Manager who will credit your Rocky Dollars providing the printer or consumables were at fault.  If the poor quality document was due to a set up issue on the student’s behalf, credit will not be issued.  If you printed black and white documents to the color printer, credit will not be issued.  In either case, the student will be notified.

What are the benefits of print release/managed printing?

  • Reduced excess printing and paper waste.
  • Consistent access to printing campus-wide.
  • If a printer is out of order and the job is not yet released, simply go to another release station to print without having to submit the job again.

Where is printing available?

  • Brophy Hall 115
  • Currens Hall 301
  • Horrabin Hall 75 (color)
  • Horrabin Hall 77
  • Knoblauch Hall 107
  • Library 1st floor Digital Commons
  • Library Reference East
  • Library Reference West
  • Library 2nd floor Computer Classroom
  • Library 3rd floor Computer Resource Center and Classroom
  • Memorial Hall 046
  • Morgan Hall 124
  • Multicutural Center 103
  • North Quad-Tanner Hall 217
  • Olson Hall 110
  • South Quad-Grote Hall 109
  • Waggoner Hall 110
  • Stipes Hall 307
  • Tanner Hall Information Desk
  • Thompson Hall 102
  • University Union Concourse
  • Waggoner Hall 110


How do I locate a release station and how do I operate it?

Release stations are located next to or in the immediate vicinity of the printers.  The station is recognizable by its distinct message on the computer monitor and accompanying signage.  Simply login to the computer with your ECom credentials, select the job(s) you wish to print, or cancel and then DONE.  Be sure to logout when done.  Print only what you need, and retrieve your printouts immediately from the printer.

Why do my documents not always show at the release station if I wait to print them?

Documents stay in the print queue up to ten (10) hours.  After that time they are automatically deleted.

Why is there a QR code on the printer?

The QR code on the printer is unique to that printer.  If you have a smart phone, you can scan the code, login to the page, and release your job from your handheld.  There are free apps available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.