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Affirmative Action

A Guide to Finding Government Information

Web version of this guide includes links to web resources.

Search Tips:

Mix and match these terms in searching the library catalog, WestCat , or use them to search journal articles and law reviews via the library's Databases page. You can also use them to search government information sites listed on our Starting Points page - click the tab and pay particular attention to the Top Six.

  • affirmative action
  • affirmative action programs
  • equal employment opportunity
  • discrimination
  • women
  • race
  • diversity
  • segregation
  • African Americans
  • education
  • employment
  • minorities
  • racial preference
  • reverse discrimination
  • multicultural
  • integration

Related Topics:
  • racial profiling
  • racial justice
  • civil rights

An important source for many research topics is Congress. Congressional committees and subcommittees hold hearings on a wide variety of controversial and timely subjects. Simply add the word "hearing?" to a search string in WestCat .

Search Engines

Google and StartPage
Use these search engines to search for government information by typing "site:gov" in the search box preceding your search terms:

  • site:gov "affirmative action"
  • site:mil diversity

Federal Government Information
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

This is the website of the federal agency responsible for conducting EEOC enforcement litigation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), the Equal Pay Act (EPA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It contains facts and guidance about all types of discrimination, discrimination laws, statistics, and a wealth of additional information.

The Supreme Court revisits affirmative action: will Grutter and Gratz mean the end of Bakke?

This analysis from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights explores the possibilities in a case before the Supreme Court on affirmative action in higher education.

The ABC's of EEO for Small Businesses and Supervisors

Designed to assist the small business owner, this book offers practical advice and uncomplicated explanations concerning the federal laws governing equal employment opportunity. Tips are given on staffing selection and what to do when a claim has been filed. 2004
Y 3.EQ 2:8 ES 7

Affirmative Action

topic page on the Department of Labor website. This page includes links to laws and regulations as well as general information on affirmative action.

Race-Neutral Alternatives in Postsecondary Education: Innovative Approaches to Diversity

From the Department of Education Office For Civil Rights, this website offers a look at developmental and admissions approaches to achieving diversity in educational institutions.

Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination: Questions and Answers

This booklet helps employers and employees understand the federal laws prohibiting job discrimination, the types of practices considered to be discriminatory, the coverage provided by law, and the charge processing procedure. 2003
Y 3.EQ 2:2 D 63/11/2003

Illinois Government Information
Illinois Department of Human Rights

This is the website of the state organization responsible for overseeing the Illinois Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, financial credit, public accommodation, and sexual harassment. Lots of info.

Equal Employment Opportunity: It's a right...It's the law...It's the right thing to do

This Illinois Department of Human Services pamphlet defines Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, offering federal and state laws regarding the two in plain language. 2005
ILLINOIS 353.53 I29e 2005

Legal Information
Affirmative Action and the Constitution

This three-volume set details the history of affirmative action from its roots in the civil rights struggles of the sixties to the late nineties. Prominent cases are discussed, and writings and speeches from former presidents and current Supreme Court justices. 1998
LEGLREF. KF 4755.5 .A384 1998

Employment Discrimination

A thorough look at all types of discrimination within Illinois employment from the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education. 2000 with a 2004 supplement
LEGL REF. KFI 1534.5 .D5 E46 2000

Stigma's Opening: Grutter's Diversity Interest(s) and the New Calculus for Affirmative Action in Higher Education

In this article the author contrasts the majority opinion, written by Justice O'Connor and upholding the use of affirmative action policies in higher education, with the dissenting opinion by Justice Thomas, who says affirmative action causes positive injury. 2006
California Law Review v.94, p.457 via LexisNexis

"Race" to the Bottom?: Addressing Student Body Diversity in Charter Schools After Parents Involved

This article discusses the challenges of promoting racial diversity in charter schools. 2011
Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal, v.10, p.399 via LexisNexis

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