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Sexual Harassment in Education

A Guide to Finding Government and Legal Information

Web version of this guide includes links to web resources.

Search Tips:

Mix and match these terms in searching the library catalog, WestCat , or use them to search journal articles and law reviews via the library's Databases page. You can also use them to search government information sites listed on our Starting Points page - click the tab and pay particular attention to the Top Six.

  • sexual harassment
  • education
  • higher education
  • school
  • colleges and universities
  • quid pro quo
  • military academies
  • Title IX
  • peer sexual harassment

Related Topics:
  • rape
  • school violence

An important source for many research topics is Congress. Congressional committees and subcommittees hold hearings on a wide variety of controversial and timely subjects. Simply add the word "hearing?" to a search string in WestCat .

Search Engines

Google and StartPage
Use these search engines to search for government information by typing "site:gov" in the search box preceding your search terms:

  • site:gov "sexual harassment"
  • site:mil sexual harassment
Law Review Articles

Law reviews are an important resource for legal topics like this one. They can lead you to laws and cases as well as discuss legal theory. A few law journals are indexed in multidisciplinary databases, but the best bang for your buck will be to search Nexis Uni for full-text access to many hundreds of law reviews.

Federal Government Information
Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies

From this link, you can click on the tab for Military Service Academy Reports to find reports by year that contain statistics and information on programs being implemented for victims. Annual

Building on the success of 35 years of Title IX

This hearing describes the positive effects of Title IX, since its enaction, concerning both gender discrimination and sexual harassment and areas where improvement still needs to be made. 2008

Sexual Harassment: It’s Not Academic

This publication from the Department of Education describes sexual harassment within an education setting and the liabilities and responsibilities of educational institutions concerning prevention and remediation. 2008

Revised Sexual Harassment Guidance: Harassment of Students By School Employees, Other Students, or Third Parties

This Department of Education Office of Civil Rights web site offers the standards used by the OCR in investigating and resolving sexual harassment allegations. These standards are to be used by educational institutions as well.

The Sexual Victimization of College Women

Examines why college women are at greater risk for rape and other forms of sexual assault than women in the general population or in a comparable age group. 2000
J 28.24/3:V 66/2

Illinois Government Information
Illinois Department of Human Rights

This web site tells how to file discrimination charges of sexual harassment and includes the Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILCS 5/1-101, the Illinois law against sexual harassment in employment and higher education.

Fairness: A Guide to Gender Equity in Illinois Schools

This manual is designed for teachers and educators to promote gender equity in Illinois schools and features a chapter on sexual harassment prevention. 1999
ILLINOIS 379.26 PRYG 1999

Legal Information
Educator's Guide to Controlling Sexual Harassment

This volume provides a current and thorough study of laws relating to sexual harassment and education.
LEGL REF LC 212 .862 .E 383

"Passing the Trash" in Illinois After Doe-3 v. McLean County Unit District No.5: A Proposal for Legislation to Prevent School Districts From Handing Off Sexually Abusive Employees to Other School Districts

This article discusses the practice of allowing school employees, including teachers, to quietly resign instead of being fired for sex abuse in order to avoid potential lawsuits from fired employees and what to do to prevent these employees from being hired into another school district.
Northern Illinois University Law Review, Vol. 34, No. 2 Spring 2014 pp. 473-506

Women and the Law

This treatise is a comprehensive examination of the legal needs of women and of current changes in laws affecting women. Chapters examine a student's right to protection from violence and sexual abuse in the school environment, Title IX and intercollegiate athletics, and the Virginia Military Institute and single-sex public schools.
LEGL REF KF 478 .W652 2010

Education Law

This seven-volume set contains current material and a thorough analysis of all aspects of education law. Topics related to sexual harassment generally are found in Volume 4, beginning with Section 10.02, or consult the Index in Volume 7.
LEGL REF KF 4119. R 36 v.

Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public Schools

This landmark case first decided that damages could be awarded under Title IX, but did not delineate standards of institutional liability. By implication, a damage remedy was available in situations involving intentional gender discrimination.
503 U.S. 60 (1992)

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