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A Guide to Selected Government Information
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Federal Government Information
National Human Genome Research Institute

The website of this institute, under the umbrella of the National Institutes of Health, provides links to all sorts of information regarding the institute's programs and activities, ethics, law, policy, and grant opportunities.

Human Genome Project Information

The official home page of the worldwide collaboration of some of the world's brightest scientific minds, this Department of Energy website has clear links to every aspect of the project.

Genetics Testing In the New Millennium: Advances, Standards, and Implications

This U.S. Senate hearing, dated April 21, 1999, has some experts on the subject of DNA research discussing the consequences of future, more in-depth research into the field. 1999.
Y 4.SCI 2:106-7

"The Environmental Genome Project: Ethical, Legal and Moral Implications"

This article discusses genome inspection as a means of discovering environmentally associated diseases, which would allow high-risk individuals to know about them. 2000.
Environmental Health Perspectives HE 20.3559:108/4, p. 279.

"Unauthorized Trafficking in Personal DNA Information"

This Congressional bill, tentatively called 107 H.R. 3266, has not yet become a law, and would make it illegal for any unauthorized person to give out a person's DNA code against that person's wishes. The bill states the civil and criminal penalties of such an offense. (linked)

Innocence Protection Act of 2001

In this hearing, dated June 18, 2002, the need for this legislation is discussed in light of the fact that one in four death row inmates is exonerated by DNA evidence. 2000.

Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Research Program (ELSI)

This website, from the National Human Genome Research Institute, reviews the goals of the program as well as gives a good background of the moral challenges facing scientists as they continue their controversial genetic research.

Gene Patterns and Other Genomic Inventions

Morality and other ethical issues related to DNA patenting are discussed in this hearing, within which members of the administration and experts in the gene research field voice their concerns.

Violent Offender DNA Identification Act of 1999, DNA Backlog Elimination Act, and Convicted Offender DNA Index System Support Act

These three congressional acts provide a basic background into the government's attempts to set up a national DNA index system.

Illinois Information
Report of the Commission on Capital Punishment

This is the report of the Commission created by Governor Ryan to investigate the flaws in the Illinois justice system that caused DNA exonerations to outpace executions. 2002

Legal Information
"International Conflicts over Patenting Human DNA Sequences in the United States and the European Union: An Argument for Compulsory Licensing and a Fair-Use Exemption."

This excellent, helpful resource gives scientific primers of the genome and genes. It also debates whether either can be legally patented.
New York University Law Review, v. 76, n. 6, p. 1623.

"Genes, Dreams, and Reality: The Promises and Risks of the New Genetics"

This article gives a good background of what scientists are looking to accomplish through the use of genetic research and what discoveries they hope to make. It also touches on ethical and moral issues as well. Two other articles are included. 1999.
Judicature Nov.-Dec. 1999, p. 105.

"Proxy Consent and a National DNA Databank: An Unethical and Discriminating Combination"

This opinionated article gives strong reasons why national databanks for DNA are wrong and immoral. A variety of topics are covered here.
Iowa Law Review v. 86, n. 2, p. 667.

"DNA Profiling: A Discussion of Issues Relating to the Reporting of Very Small Match Probabilities"

Proper guidelines for the collection and usage of DNA evidence in court in light of smaller match probability due to more powerful and foolproof DNA testing can be found here.
The Criminal Law Review, May 2000, p. 341.

"The Law of Above Averages: Leveling the New Genetic Enhancement Playing Field"

This informative article proposes ways for governments to keep genetic enhancement equal.
Iowa Law Review v. 85, n. 2, p. 517.

"Genetic Discrimination In the Workplace: Employee's Right to Privacy versus Employer's Right to Know."

This text discusses the ongoing DNA research as well as the consequences regarding genetic discrimination for ordinary Americans in the work force.
American Business Law Journal, v. 39, n. 1, p. 139.

"'But Your Honor, It's In His Genes.' The Case for Genetic Impairments as a Ground for a Downward Departure Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines."

This article discusses genetics as a grounds for behavior as well as sentencing reform to allow for gene study of criminals.
American Criminal Law Review v. 38, n. 4, pg. 1565.

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