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Women and Business

A Guide to Selected Government Information

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Federal Government Information
Get the Facts on Women Business Owners

This webpage from the Department of Labor gives cursory statistics on women-owned businesses and links to this more in-depth report: Women’s Business Ownership: Data from the 2012 Survey of Business Owners

Women-Owned Businesses

A single chart showing the number and percent of women-owned businesses in the United States from 1997 to 2012, using data from the quinquennial Economic Census.

Women-Owned Businesses on the Rise

This blog post by Census analysts discusses the changing demographics of business owners in the United States.

Review of Women's Business Center Programs

Women's business center programs are reviewed in this hearing. It explains how the programs are being administered so that people can get a better understanding of the resources and services that are available by the programs. Also they explore some of the issues facing executive directors. 1999.
Y4.SM 1:106-2

Highlights of Women's Earnings in 1999

This booklet reviews women's earnings where the data is shown in tables and graphs to show the earnings of women by sex, age, race or area of study. 1999.
L 2.71:943

Dynamics of women-operated sole proprietorships, 1990-1998

This web document gives the patterns in the number, gross receipts, and net income based on data provided by the Statistics of Income Division, Internal Revenue Service. 2003.

1992 Economic Census: Women-Owned Businesses

Provides basic economic data on women-owned business. Surveys are based on the entire firm and covers a number of firms, gross receipts, employees and payroll. Graphs and tables display the summary of the findings. 1992.
C3.250:WB 92-1/Corr.

National Women's Business Council

This online site provides you with press releases, research, its council members and contacts. There is a news release that is now available that talks about the compendium of National Statistics on U.S. Women-Owned Business. 2002.

Women and the SBA

This pamphlet talks about the SBA, women entrepreneurs, and the Office of Women's Business Ownership. Also it provides you with the steps a woman can take to start her own business. 1992.
SBA 1.2:W 84/992

A Status Report to Congress: Statistical Information on Women in Business

Addresses the future data collection on women-owned businesses. Provides usable data on women-owned, veteran and minority-owned firms. 1991.
SBA 1.2: W 84/8

Women in Business...

A report on statistical information that talks about women-owned business prepared by the United States SBA Office of Advocacy. It examines the current role of small business in the economy, the growth of women-owned businesses, home-based businesses and procurement. 1998.
SBA 1.2: W 83/10 microfiche

Small Business Assistance for Women

This is a guide that will help women start or expand their business. Also provides details about the different loan programs and how the government offers those programs to women-owned businesses. 2000.
SBA 1.2: W 84/20/2000

Women's Business Center

This site links to centers created to help women-owned businesses. Local offices can help with training and other resources. 2018.

Women Business Enterprises

This hearing discusses whether the federal programs of small women-owned businesses are succeeding or failing. They also "examine the ability of women to obtain capital, to develop a good idea into viable small business." 1998.
Y4.SM 1:105-28

How Union-Only Labor Agreements are Harming Women and Minority-Owned Business

This hearing debates how and why labor agreements, or PLA's, take away from the economic growth of women- and minority-owned businesses. 1998.
Y4.SM 1:105-63

Women's Business Enterprises

Spotlights women-owned enterprises and expresses some of the views that women have concerning those enterprises. Secondly, it discusses whether the government is a foe or friend to all women-owned enterprises. 1999.
Y4.SM 1:106-7

Women's entrepreneurship

Women own 40 percent of all business and this hearing discusses the successes as well as the obstacles and challenges facing them. 2004.
Y 4.SM 1:108-64

Good For Business: Making Full use of the Nation's Human Capital

The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission talks about what laws were passed to create equal rights for women in the business world. The commission explains in detail the tasks and information that they have found in their recent studies. Includes charts. 1995.
Y3.2:G 46/B 96

Legal Information
Women, Work and Family: Recent Economic Trends

Recent economic trends in the labor force behavior of men and women. It also talks about women's decisions about their involvement in the labor market. 1998.
Northern Illinois Law Review. Vol. 19 No. 1 Fall 1998 p. 57-88

Commentary: Feminism and Business Law

Commentator Mary Joe Frug presents her topics debating the issues of feminism and how it relates to business law. Frug also reviews the perceptions of her colleagues and the general public about women in the business world. 1994.
American Business Law Journal. Vol. 31 No. 4 Feb. 1994 p.699-715

Women of Color and Public Policy: A Case Study of the Women's Business Ownership Act

This essay explains the views of one woman, June K. Inuzuka, based on her work as an attorney and a women of color in Washington, D.C. Also she tells about the Women's Business Ownership Act: what it is and how it affected her life. 1991.
Stanford Law Review Vol. 43 No. 6 July 1991 p.1215-1239

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