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A Guide to Selected Government Information

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Federal Government Information
Report on the War in Vietnam

Report on the war by Admiral U.S. Grant Sharp, Commander in Chief Pacific and General William C. Westmoreland, Commander, Vietnam. Cover events up to June 30, 1968. 1968.
D 101.2: V67.

Vietnam Studies

A series of books published by the Department of the Army including Allied participation, war in the Northern provinces, and more. 1975.
D 101.74:

Internal Medicine in Vietnam

A three volume series that contains information on general medicine, skin and infectious diseases, and orthopedic surgery. 1977.
D 104.11/2: In 8 v.1-3.

Advice and Support

Two books entitled The Early Years and The Final Years. Information on the United States Army in Vietnam during World War II through Vietnamization. 1983 & 1988.
D 114.7/3: Ad 9/941-960 and D 114.7/3: Ad 9/965-73.

Agent Orange

A website hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs with links to information about Agent Orange and benefits available for those exposed to it. 2005.

Federal Research Division. Vietnam-era prisoner-of war/missing-in-action database

Online database of U.S. Government documents pertaining to U.S. military personnel listed as unaccounted for as of December 1991. 2003.

The most secret war: army signals intelligence in Vietnam

Limited look at Army Intelligence in the Vietnam War. 2003.
D 101.2:SE 2/5

Military Communications: A Test for Technology

A look at the test America's communication took during the Vietnam War. Also looks at advantages and drawbacks of new communication systems. 1986.
D 114.7/3: C 73.

Stemming the Tide

Chronicles the first eighteen months of combat by the United States Army ground forces, May 1965- October 1966. 2000.
D 114.7/3: C 73/2.

Images of a Lengthy War

Covers three decades of war in Vietnam, from advice and support to gradual withdrawal. 1986.
D 114.7/3: IM1.

The Military and the Media

This two volume series looks at the first war without Army field press censorship. Examines controversies that arose as the media went about their traditional tasks. 1988 & 1996.
D 114.7/3: P 96/.

Chaplains with the U.S. Naval Units in Vietnam: 1954-1975

An overview of the ministry of Navy chaplains in Vietnam. The ministry lasted more than two decades and involved more than 400 chaplains. 1985.
D 201.33: v.9.

The United States Navy and the Vietnam Conflict

Between these two volumes, the reader learns of the history of the Navy's involvement from the beginning to 1965. 1976 & 1986.
D 207.10/3: 1 & 2.

The Marines in Vietnam

This series includes volumes on chaplains, each year's events, and military law in Vietnam.
D 214.13: V 67/

By Sea, Air, and Land

Shows, largely with pictures, the U.S. Navy's contributions to the war in Vietnam. 1994.
D 221.2: SE 1.

The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973: An Illustrated Account

A look at the U.S. Air Force's involvement in the War over Southeast Asia. 1984.
D 301.2: Ai7/29/984/961-973.

Air Base Defense in the Republic of Vietnam 1961-1973

Explores the problem of defending air bases during the Vietnam War. Describes efforts of the U.S. Air Force and Allied air units to defend ten key air bases within the Republic of Vietnam. 1979.
D 301.2: Ai 7/31/961-73.

The USAF Search and Rescue in Southeast Asia

Tells the story of the Air Force efforts to recover air crews downed in combat. 1980.
D 301.2: Se 1/961-975.

A War Too Long: The History of the USAF in Southeast Asia

A look at the Air Force's role in Southeast Asia from 1961-1975. 1996.
D 301.82/7: W19.

USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series

This series includes books about Saigon, the Vietnamese Air Force, evacuations from Kham Duc, and more. 1975.
D 301.86:

Interdiction in Southern Laos 1960-1968

Talks about the progression of American involvement in Laos from photo-reconnaissance missions to air-ground operations against targets and routes through Southern Laos. 1993.
D 301.86/2: L 78.

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