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Gulf War Illness

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Federal Government Information
Gulf War Illnesses

This page from the War-Related Illness and Injury Study Center links to good information for Gulf War Veterans and their health care providers.

VA to Intensify Gulf War Illness Outreach, Care

Statement concerning efforts to provide care for veterans of Desert Storm suffering from unexplained illnesses. 2010.

Examining the Status of Gulf War Research and Investigations on Gulf War Illnesses

This 17th hearing focused on the Persian Gulf War Illnesses examines the long road to credibility for sick veterans, as well as the status and future directions of Gulf War research. 2004
Y 4.G 74/7:G 95/8

Research into Persian Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses

This hearing commits to subcommittee record the compelling personal testimony from UK veterans and the mostly privately funded scientific research on Gulf War Illnesses presented in London in June 2002.
Y 4.G 74/7:P 43/10

Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Health of Coalition Forces

This hearing ponders the many questions surrounding the Persian Gulf experience: Is there a connection between vaccinations and Gulf War illnesses? Why is there a lack of consensus between the U.S., the French, and the British regarding the threat of biological warfare or chemical exposure? Why does it appear that privately funded research has yielded more results than federal projects? 2002
Y 4.G 74/7:G 95/7

Protecting the Health of Deployed Forces: Lessons Learned From the Persian Gulf War

This hearing attempts to assess if the health of deployed forces is being effectively monitored and adequately protected against wartime exposures. Witnesses describe substantial progress in applying knowledge gained from Operation Desert Storm. 2003
Y 4.G 74/7:P 94/38

Force Health Protection:Lessons Learned and Applied from the First Gulf War

This hearing from the House Committee on Veterans Affairs examines implementation of present law and Department of Defense regulations. What has the DoD done for our troops before and after deployment? What is being done to ensure that troops on active duty and coming to the VA have the medical information necessary to prove service-connected illnesses? 2003
Y 4.V 64/3:108-19

Gulf War Illnesses: Similarities and Differences Among Countries in Chemical and Biological Threat Assessment and Veterans Health Status

GAO reporting of findings on the differences in illnesses and exposure among Allied Forces. 2002

Gulf War Illnesses: DoD's Conclusions About U.S. Troops' Exposure Cannot Be Adequately Supported

GAO's review of Department of Defense data indicates that flaws existed in the DoD studies, making the results unreliable. The DoD studies concluded that some U.S. and British troops were exposed to chemical warfare but found no association between exposure to chemical warfare and hospitalization and mortality rates. The GAO says their estimates could very well be off. 2004

Persian Gulf War Illnesses

This 11th hearing held on the topic of illness of Persian Gulf veterans features testimonies from scientists, government officials, representatives of veterans organizations, and veterans themselves seeking answers to the origin and treatment of unexplained illness present in some individuals who served in the Gulf War. 1997
GOVFICHE.Y 4.V 64/3:105-1

Status of the Investigation Into Persian Gulf War Illnesses

This hearing looks at the February 1997 status of investigation into Persian Gulf War illness and is an attempt to reach a better understanding of Department of Defense efforts on behalf of those so afflicted. 1997
GOVFICHE.Y 4.SE 2/1 A:997-98/10

Gulf War Illnesses

This VA website provides information to those who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, including annual reports to Congress on Gulf War Illness and depleted uranium handbooks.

Gulf War Syndrome: To Examine New Studies Suggesting Links Between Gulf War Service and Higher Rates of Illness

This hearing discusses the admission by the DoD that Gulf War veterans had been exposed to chemical warfare. The DoD and the VA planned to research the chronic effects of these toxins on health. 1997
Y 4.G 74/7:G 95

The Status of Efforts to Identify Persian Gulf Syndrome: Recent GAO Findings

A hearing, including a report by the GAO, discussing future research directions and condemning the VA, DoD, and PAC for their Gulf War illness research avoidance and stress attribution. 1997
Y4.G74/7: P43/8

Status of Department of Veterans' Affairs to Identify Gulf War Syndrome

Because most of the medical records of veterans have been destroyed and many documents remain classified, Gulf War Illness remains untreated. This hearing includes testimony from veterans on potential exposure to toxic agents, as well as statements from the VA and DoD. 1997
Y4.G74/7: V64/12

Hospitalizations for Unexplained Illnesses Among U.S. Veterans of the Persian Gulf War

This journal article from the CDC webpage gives statistical evidence which supports the hypothesis that Persian Gulf vets are no more likely to be hospitalized than their non-deployed peers. 1998
Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol. 4, No. 2 April-June 1998 pp. 211 - 219
HE 20.7817:4/2


This webpage of the Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illness is filled with case narratives, environmental exposure reports, and current news.

Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: The Research Agenda

A detailed review of the Research Working Group of the Persian Gulf Veterans Coordinating Board, the interagency body now responsible for researching Persian Gulf veterans' illnesses. 1998
Y4.G74/7:G 95/3

Legal Information
Veterans' Benefits

This Act, amending Title 38 of the U.S. Code, allows priority health care to Gulf War veterans for treatment of problems that may have arisen from exposure to toxic substances during the war. 1993
Public Law 103-210 107 STAT. 2496

Veteran's Benefits Act of 1997

This Act makes Persian Gulf veterans eligible for health benefits relating to any malady that could be attributed to service in the war. 1997
Public Law 105-114 111 STAT. 2277

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