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Illinois Earthquakes

Recent Earthquakes

Information on the February 10, 2010 earthquake near Sycamore Illinois can be found at the following sites:
Information on the April 18, 2008 earthquake near Bellmont, Illinois can be found at the following sites:

Illinois Geologic Maps & Earthquake Information

General Earthquake Information Resources

General Information
Other Publications
  • California Seismic Safety Commission, 2005. Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety . Sacramento, CA: The Commission. 49 pages.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2005. Earthquake Safety Guide for Homeowners . Washington, D.C.: The Agency. 38 pages.
  • Heigold, Paul C. and Larson, Timothy, 1990. Seismicity of Illinois. Environmental Geology Note 133. Champaign: Illinois State Geological Survey. Malpass Library, 4th Floor. Illinois Documents 550.8 ENVI no.133
  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency, 1992. Earthquakes in Illinois. Springfield, Ill.: The Agency. 7 p. Malpass Library, 4th Floor. Illinois 363.3495 EART 1992

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