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Homosexuals In the Military

A Guide to Selected Government Information Available at WIU's Government Publications Library

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Federal Government Information
Sexual Orientation and the U.S. Military Personnel Policy

The RAND study that was instrumental in the Secretary of Defense Executive Order to end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the Armed Forces. 1993

Military Personnel: Financial Loss and Loss of Critical Skills Due to the DoD's Homosexual Conduct Policy Cannot Be Completely Estimated

This GAO study reports that over a 10-year period, it could have cost the Department of Defense about 95 million dollars in constant FY2004 dollars to replace servicemembers separated under the military's current homosexual conduct policy. It is estimated that it cost the Army, Navy, and Air Force $29.7 million, $48.8 million, and $16.6 million, respectively. 2005

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Is the Gay Ban Based on Military Necessity?

A look at Australia, Canada, Israel, and Britain's treatment of lifting the gay ban to military service and the relevance these decisions have for the U.S.
Parameters. Vol. 33, No. 2 Summer 2003 pp.108-119
D 101.72:33/2

Summary Report of the Military Working Group and the Policy on Homosexual Conduct In the Armed Forces

This report gives the background of the group selected to investigate the feasibility of lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military, the group's findings, conclusions, recommended policy, and the resulting memo from the Secretary of Defense outlining the accepted policy. 1993
D 1.2: H 75 and D 1.2:H 75/2

Legal Information
Homosexuality and the Law: A Dictionary

This dictionary is useful in understanding the major arguments against and for the inclusion of homosexuals in the military, and it offers plenty of legal cases and their mixed results.
LEGL REF KF 4754.5 .A68 S74 2001

Homosexuality and the Constitution, Volume 2 - Homosexuals in the Military

This book presents cases, statutory material, and articles about equal protection and the military service ban, while tying the topic into the larger issue of homosexuality and equal protection in our society. 1997
LEGL REF KF 4754.5 .H64 1997 v.2

Sexual Orientation and the Law, Volume One

This treatise is kept timely via supplements and offers comprehensive legal information regarding homosexuality. Chapter 7 specifically addresses what it means to be a homosexual in the military or a homosexual veteran. Its coverage includes policy over the years, discharge, and AIDS.
LEGL REF KF 4754.5 .S49 1985 v.1

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