Quad Cities Campus

Off Campus Housing Options

Off Campus Housing Options


The housing options identified below are provided as a courtesy to WIU-Quad Cities students. The university assumes no liability and no responsibility for agreements entered into between students and a third-party housing provider.

Things to Consider:

  • Is it near public transportation?
  • What's the distance to campus?
  • Is it close to amenities?

What are some tips?

#1: Make sure to read your lease. There are a lot of "specials" that are offered, but it usually comes with stipulations. It's important to read your lease thoroughly because it is a binding contract. Be fully aware of what you are signing!

#2: Create a check list of all the things you need in an apartment. When you are out looking for a place to live, you won't forget those little things like central air and dishwasher!

#3: You might want to consider a roommate agreement or contract if you will have a roommate (it is a good idea to communicate expectations). Things to consider when creating the agreement are: quiet/study time, food expenses, personal space, guests, and any other rules that might apply.