University Technology

Classroom Support Services

Classroom Support Services is the University Technology unit that is responsible for designing, building, maintaining, upgrading and supporting all WIU electronic classrooms, classroom computer labs, and video conference facilities on campus. There are 322 rooms that uTech supports across the Macomb Campus, with a wide range of technologies installed.

Scheduling of rooms by faculty and staff can be done by contacting the Registrar's office at (309) 298-1891.

To inquire about the availability of college or departmental facilities, contact the owner of the room.

  • College of Arts & Sciences: (309) 298-1828
  • College of Business & Technology: (309) 298-2442
  • College of Education & Human Services: (309) 298-1690
  • College of Fine Arts & Communication: (309) 298-1618
  • University Libraries: (309) 298-2758