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Telecommunications - Administrative Services

Billing Procedures

Administrative telephone bills are processed and emailed to departments the second business day of each month. The billing itemizes all long distance calls with the authorization code used, along with the telephone number the call was placed from. If there is a call on the bill from an unauthorized number, call uTech Telecommunications to verify the location from which the call was placed. After verifying you did not place the call, send a copy of the bill to uTech Telecommunications with the questioned call highlighted. The next month's telephone bill will show a credit for the amount of the call. The total long distance charges are listed as toll (line item 7111) on the monthly print-out received from the Business Office.

Equipment Charges

The equipment charges shown on the telephone billing include all lines and telephones billed to your university account. These are listed as base charges (line item 7110) on the monthly print-out received from the Business Office. The base charges can be encumbered by the department for the fiscal year through the Business Services office, (309) 298-1811. When a change occurs in your base charges, such as adding, removing, and changing lines and/or telephones, the department must notify the Business Office if an increase or decrease in the encumbrance is necessary. Please verify the number of telephones and telephone lines billed to your department.

Other Charges and Credits

Other Charges and Credits (line item 7112), on the monthly print-out received from the Business Office, includes installation charges for any moves or changes to your telephones, calling card calls, cellular charges, or any other debits or credits issued to your telephone account. Any charges or credits issued to the other charge section of your account will be explained on an attached memo from uTech Telecommunications. If you have any questions, call our administrative office at (309) 298-2713.

Mobile Communication Devices - Mobile/Remote Communications Policy

Effective October 1, 2007, Western Illinois University has implemented a Mobile/Remote Communication Policy for all devices associated with Western Illinois University. A mobile/remote communication device is a mobile/remote telephone, email appliance, wireless personal digital assistant, or a device combining two or more of those functions. This includes, but is not limited to data transferring devices, such as Blackberry, Palm Treo, or Motorola Q. Remote services include in-home telephone line service, fax or internet service, including DSL. This policy has been implemented due to IRS regulations regarding personal use of mobile/remote communication devices.

Employees may request a stipend for frequent business use on their personal mobile/remote communication device. The complete Mobile/Remote Communication Policy may be accessed at

The following PDF forms are available to download:

  • Stipend Request Form - Addendum A - Frequent Business Use Reimbursement
  • Release Form - Addendum B - Employee Mobile/Remote Communication Release of University Mobile/Remote Service. This form must be used to cancel existing University service or to transfer existing University service to an individual's personal account.
  • Request for Exception - Addendum C - Exceptions for Special Circumstances. Contact University Technology - Telecommunications for additional information.
  • Call Log - Addendum D - Not required for individually owned devices.
  • Verizon Wireless Transfer of Responsibility Form -  Transfer plan to Individual Account

Hours & Contact Info

  • Office Hours: 8am-4:30pm
  • 22 Sherman Hall (lower level)
  • Email:
  • uTech Telecommunications
    (309) 298-2713
    (309) 298-2713

Important Numbers

  • Campus Information
    (309) 298-1414
    M-F, 8am-4:30pm
    Sat, 1pm-5pm
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Office of Public Safety
    (309) 298-1949
  • University Fax Center
    (309) 298-2713