University Technology

Telecommunications - Departmental Services

Departmental purchases of telephone equipment is prohibited without prior approval from Telecommunications.

Basic and Optional Phone Features

Instructions for using your uTech campus phone are provided below.

  • Dial 62200 - to call the Quad Cities campus from the Macomb campus toll free
  • Dialing Instructions
  • Voice Mail - Before you can access Voice Mail using the instructions in the link, you will need to call 298-2709 to request voice mail on your line. 
    • Faculty/Staff - Norstar Voice Mail
    • If you have a Norstar phone you will need to provide your name, intercom number, (access this by pressing Feature * 0 [zero] Intercom while your handset is on your phone.  A three digit number will display in the window), telephone number and office location.
    • Retrieving Norstar Voice Mail when Away from the Office
    • Students - Contact WESTEL at (309) 298-2713 to set up your Voice Mail prior to accessing instructions.
    • Faculty/Staff - Asterisks Voice Mail
    • If you had Norstar Voice Mail you will need to provide your intercom number, (access this by pressing Feature * 0 [zero] Intercom while your handset is on your phone.  A three digit number will display in the window), telephone number and office location so we can remove that voice mail.
    • You will need to provide the email and ECOM address that you want the voice mail to be sent to before the Asterisks Voice Mail can be provided.
  • Phone Features
Courtesy Phones

Courtesy telephones are located throughout campus for local, toll free and call card calling. View a complete list of all Macomb campus courtesy phones.

Conference Calls

Conference calling is available to faculty and staff via three different venues.

Toll Free Conference Call

If you would like to initiate a toll free conference call that allows your department to pay all charges incurred, please call uTech Telecommunications administrative office at (309) 298-2713 to set up the conference call. Rates are 25 cents per minute per caller.

Meet Me Conference Call

The "meet me conference" feature enables you to have up to 30 people on the line at one time. If you would like to set up a "meet me conference", please call the campus operator (dial zero) for an assigned conference number, then we recommend you practice the conference call by requesting a few offices on campus to call you.

Station Control Conference Call

This feature enables you to establish a conference call consisting of three to six parties without the assistance of an operator. However, this is an optional phone feature, so call the uTech Telecommunications phone support center at (309) 298-2713 to verify that this feature is on your telephone line.

 Long Distance Authorization Codes

Any individual placing University related long distance calls will need an authorization code. This allows long distance calls to be billed to the correct University account.

If it is necessary for a personal call to be made from the University, the call will need to be placed collect or with a personal calling card. No personal calls are to be placed with an authorization code.

If you have a new employee that requires an authorization code, please send a request with their name, telephone number, department and account to be billed to uTech Telecommunications, Sherman Hall 22.

When an employee transfers to another department, it is the responsibility of the department to notify uTech Telecommunications within 15 days of transfer to ensure that person's authorization code is canceled.

When an employee terminates employment with Western Illinois University, they are required to have a Clearance Form signed by uTech Telecommunications. At the time of termination, or date specified on the termination form, any authorization code assigned to the employee will be cancelled.

Information may be obtained regarding authorization codes by calling the uTech Telecommunications administrative office at (309) 298-2713.

 University Fax Center

The uTech Telecommunications office provides a campus-wide fax service. Your letters and documents may be sent immediately to another fax machine. The fax number at Sherman Hall 22 is (309)298-2400.

Administrative Fax Service

Departments may fax from the University Fax Center, using their telephone authorization code to make long distance calls. Outgoing and incoming faxes within the United States are charged 25 cents per page to the department account. International calls are rated at the direct dial rate plus 5%. These charges will be billed directly to your departmental telecommunications account.

If your office would like to use the campus-wide fax service, the uTech Telecommunications office is located in the basement of Sherman Hall, Room 22.

Personal Fax Service

Students, faculty, and staff may utilize the University Fax Service. Incoming faxes are 25 cents per page.  Outgoing faxes are 50 cents per page within the United States.  Faxes must be paid in cash.

Information regarding the campus-wide fax service or International rates may be obtained by calling the uTech Telecommunications phone services office at (309) 298-2713.

Hours & Contact Info

  • Office Hours: 8am-4:30pm
  • 22 Sherman Hall (lower level)
  • Email:
  • uTech Telecommunications
    (309) 298-2713
    (309) 298-2713

Important Numbers

  • Campus Information
    (309) 298-1414
    M-F, 8am-4:30pm
    Sat, 1pm-5pm
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Office of Public Safety
    (309) 298-1949
  • University Fax Center
    (309) 298-2713