Financial Aid

Financial Aid Handbook & Policies

Non-traditional Student

Financial aid is available through state and federal programs for full or part-time WIU students in Macomb, the Quad Cities, WIU extension centers and for students taking distance learning, independent study or on-line courses.

Incarcerated students are not eligible for the programs mentioned above.

Part-time enrollment, distance learning/independent study, and on-line courses may reduce the amount of financial aid that a student receives. Most types of aid require students to enroll for at least 6 hours/semester.

Enrollment in a program leading to a degree or certificate is required for Federal programs and Illinois MAP Grant. Some Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) programs, such as National Guard/Naval Militia Grant, Police/Fire/Correctional Survivor Grants and IVG, do not require enrollment in a degree program.

Federal Pell, Federal SEOG, and Illinois MAP Grant will not pay for graduate credit.

Some employers provide assistance to employees returning to school to upgrade or enhance their value to a school, business or corporation. Students may contact their supervisors about the availability of such educational assistance.