Financial Aid

Financial Aid Handbook & Policies

Extension / Independent Study / On-Line Coursework

Allowable expenses for students taking non-traditional classes are limited by federal and Illinois regulations. This affects students enrolled in independent study, irregularly scheduled/weekend classes, on-line courses and distance learning. Students enrolled in these programs may receive less financial aid.

Please Note: The Financial Aid Office is often unaware of your enrollment in courses when your award letter is sent. Your awards are based on full-time status in regular course work (unless you have previously notified us). Award amounts may be reduced later if you enroll for less than full-time status and/or you enroll for non-traditional course work. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions concerning how non-traditional programs could affect your financial aid.

Please also see the WIU Satisfactory Progress Requirements for additional information on non-traditional course work and financial aid.

Students enrolled concurrently at WIU and Black Hawk College or Scott Community College may qualify to receive financial aid at WIU. Contact the WIU-Quad Cities campus at (309) 762-9080 to complete necessary paperwork each semester.