Financial Aid

Financial Aid Handbook & Policies

New Financial Aid Policy for Repeated Courses

Federal financial aid regulations affect our ability to base financial aid on courses for which you have already received a passing grade (F, W, and U are not considered passing grades). If you have taken and passed a course (receiving a grade of D- or higher), federal financial aid will only pay for you to repeat this course one time. Should you decide to repeat a successfully passed course for a second time, federal financial aid will not cover the cost of that course.

Eligible for financial aid:

    1. A course taken for the first time.
    2. A repeated course if you have not previously passed it.
    3. A repeated course the first time after you have passed it - includes course transferred from another school.

NOT eligible for financial aid:

    1. A repeated course taken for the second time after you have passed it - includes course(s) transferred from other schools.

EXCEPTION:  Financial aid is allowed to pay multiple times for courses indicated in the Course Catalog as repeatable - up to the maximum hours allowed by the university.   Financial aid is not allowed for a course if you repeat it beyond that maximum.

It is recommended that you work closely with your Academic Advisor and your Financial Aid Advisor if you plan to retake a course for a better grade.