Financial Aid

Financial Aid Handbook & Policies

Suggestions to help you meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards:

  1. Work closely with your academic advisor to select appropriate courses. Check with your academic advisor and your financial aid advisor BEFORE dropping a course.
  2. The University Counseling Center in Memorial Hall offers online study skills - call the UCC at 309-298-2453 should you need assistance with study skills or counseling services:
    • Go to 
    • Sign in with your ECOM name and password
    • Go to the Communications tab
    • Select Self Registration from the drop down menu
    • Select the UCC Study Skills Program
    • Complete Self Registration Form
    • UCC will notify you by email once you may access the material
    • Complete the Study Skills Presentation and Exam
    • Notification will automatically be sent to the Financial Aid Office when you have completed the program
  3. The University Advising Center in Memorial Hall at 298-1846 offers tutoring services for some 100-level courses.
  4. The Math Resource Center in Morgan Hall at 298-2275 offers tutoring in Math courses, especially Math 99/100.
  5. The Writing Center in 341 Simpkins Hall at 298-2815 offers tutoring in writing term papers, especially for English 180 and English 280. Please email or contact Neil Baird for an appointment.
  6. The Disability Resource Center in Memorial Hall 143 at 298-2512 offers assistance with note taking, test taking, and other disability services.
  7. The Library Reference Desk offers assistance with research and overall library navigation. The University Libraries has created a video series to help familiarize students with Librarians! The videos can be viewed online:  Please contact the Library at 298-2700 for additional information or help.


  • Please note that you may lose financial aid eligibility in the future if you receive grades of W, U, I, F, or retake a course that is not required.
  • The Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements refer to your eligibility for federal and state financial aid. You must meet WIU academic and judicial requirements and not have an outstanding university debt to register for classes at WIU.
  • Submit your FAFSA if you have not already done so.