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Cancellation & Withdrawals

Faculty-led Cancellations and Withdrawals

We understand--life happens.  Sometimes you need to cancel your Study Abroad plans and withdraw from your program.  Other times WIU has to cancel the program.  Either way, you want to know what happens to your money--will you get a refund, how much will you get back, or do you still owe anything? 

Refund availability

Cancellation types Refund availability Additional costs
Low enrollment Deposit: Full refund
Commitment fee: Full refund
No additional costs due                              
Unforeseen circumstances   Deposit: Recoverable amount
Commitment fee: Full refund
No additional costs due
Individual withdrawal Deposit: Non-refundable
Commitment fee: Non-refundable                                         
Additional costs due

Low enrollment  When WIU cancels a Course due to low enrollment 

Unforeseen circumstances  Examples include natural disaster, pandemic, terrorist activity at the study location, etc. All costs that are refunded to WIU by hotels, travel agencies, airlines, etc. will be refunded to the participants.  A full refund is not guaranteed.

Individual cancellation  You cancel from a Course that has been Confirmed and will travel.  The additional amount due varies based on the program and the timing of cancellation.  It can be as much as the full remaining program cost.  Work with the Study Abroad advisor to determine the balance due. 


Withdrawals must be made in writing to the Study Abroad Office by the student.  No verbal withdrawals or emails from other individuals are accepted.  Withdrawal emails should be sent to or   

Withdrawals are not official until confirmed by the Study Abroad Advisor.  Until the Withdrawal is confirmed, students continue to be responsible for all financial, academic and travel-related requirements of their Study Abroad Program.

Study Abroad is not responsible for any penalties suffered by the student due to their withdrawal from a Study Abroad Program.






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