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Internships in Ecuador and Puerto Rico

Project Description

The Title VI Project "Communities as Agents of Change: Language and Area Studies for a Sustainable Futureis committed to diversifying and strengthening international education across Western Illinois University. This is a project that resulted from collaboration between WIU and Spoon River College and has received funding for the next 3 years.


Location(s) Ecuador, Puerto Rico
Term Summer 2019
Credit To be determined by different majors
Pre Departure Sessions TBD
Travel Dates Departure: End of May (estimated) and Arrival: End of June (estimated)
Housing Host families & Hotels
Passport Required
Internship/Volunteer Options Public Health, Water Conservation, Micro Businesses, Education, Land Management, Gender and Microlending
Student Eligibility Sophomore, Junior, Senior (Freshmen could be considered under special consideration)

 For interested students, the program provides up to 12 scholarships for the minimum amount of $1000. Take advantage of this opportunity


Estimated Cost* $1500 - $1700
Included in the fee Accommodations, meals and logistical support
Application Deadline March 21, 2019
Duration  4 weeks: Exact dates TBD
Final payment May 3, 2019

* Airfare not included

Estimated Cost* $1,500 - $1700    
Included in the fee Accommodations, meals and logistical support
Duration  4 weeks: May 20 - June 20, 2019
Application Deadline March 1, 2019
Final payment May 1, 2019

* Airfare not included


Dr. Gloria Delany-Barmann, Project Director

BIo Dr. Gloria Delany-Barmann is a professor of Bilingual/Bicultural Education at Western Illinois University. Her interests include topics related to first language maintenance, teacher preparation, sociolinguistics, indigenous education, language policy and planning. She had worked and conducted research in Guatemala and Bolivia in the area of teacher preparation. Currently, her research centers on dual language immersion and the interaction of micro and macro level planning in the implementation of dual language programs in rural areas.


Dr.Heather McIlvaine-Newsad, Project Academic Advisor

Heather Dr. Heather McIlvaine-Newsad is a professor of anthropology at Western Illinois University. She specializes in areas of Gender and the Environment, Disaster Research, Local Food Systems, Applied Methods, Germany, India, Ecuador and Dominican Republic. McIlvaine-Newsad also leads short-term study abroad courses to Germany, India and Puerto Rico. She is a member of Society for Applied Anthropologist (Fellow), National Women’s Studies Association and International Farming Systems Association.


Dr.Pedro Bidegaray, Project Co-Director

Pedro Bidegaray Dr. Pedro Bidegaray is an anthropologist who serves as director for the Office of Study Abroad and Outreach in Western Illinois University. As an anthropologist, he has focused on development issues and education in Latin America and Africa. He promotes and facilitates institutional engagement domestically as well as internationally, expands the relevance and benefits of international education across campus. Additionally, he facilitates initiatives that help academic programs serve the local and international community.





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