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Ormskirk Market

England: Edge Hill University (Fall or Spring)

Edge Hill University is in northwest England, 20 miles from Manchester and a train ride from London. Ormskirk is a friendly 12th century market town with a student population of about 23,000. It also offers many Gen Eds and is considered to be one of the best schools in the UK!

Massey university

New Zealand: Massey University (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

Massey University has three campuses located on the north and south islands of New Zealand. Almost half of the students enrolled are either national or international distance learning students. In this Colorado-sized country, you could go snow skiing and surfing on the same day!

Massey university

Italy: John Cabot University (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

John Cabot University is located in the heart of Rome along the Tiber river. It is an American university with a curriculum similar to what you would expect on a US campus. This is an ideal option for students looking to take Gen Ed courses abroad.



  •  Students can gain practical experience in several countries throughout the world.
  •  Possible countries include Australia, New Zealand, England and Spain. 
  •  Deadlines are EARLY! Summer deadlines can be as early as February 1st.
  •  Learn more by clicking here.

Research: Euro Scholars Program


EuroScholars is a research abroad program for talented undergraduates from US and Canadian institutions. This program gives students the challenge of conducting cutting edge research and promote interactions with scholars through immersion in the research environment.