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Dr. Shankar Ghimire – Personal Bio

Professor Shankar Ghimire graduated with his PhD in Applied Economics from Western Michigan University in 2013. He was born in Nepal and has been living in the US since 2007.  

Prof. Shankar Ghimire

Economics and Decision Sciences
Stipes Hall 430H
(309) 298-2853

He joined the Department of Economics at Western Illinois University in August of 2015. Since, he has taught classes in Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Development Economics, International Trade, and Principles of Economics.

His research is in the fields of foreign aid effectiveness, microfinance, trade performance of developing countries. Presently he is an editor of the Journal of Development Innovations and serves as a research team member for KarmaQuest Research Center, Canada; research portfolio includes peer-reviewed journal articles in Economics Bulletin, Applied Econometrics and International Development, Journal of Development Innovations.

His teaching and research activities cover Nepal, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico; led study abroad trips to Nepal, leading one to Peru.

Professor Ghimire led a Study Abroad initiative to Nepal in May of 2017 and is currently taking a group of students to learn about economics and development in the Andean mountains of Peru. For 10 days, they will visit the ancient city of Cusco, the Machu Picchu ruins and the floating islands in the Titicaca Lake.

Testimony of Student

"Nepal is a country I never imagined traveling to. Dr. Ghimire ... shared a plethora of knowledge and contacts about his country with us.  They honor their history and are preparing for the future. I'm missing Nepal and I would like to return with maybe an extended visit ...."

- Phylicia Manley(after returning from Nepal)