University Technology

Requesting Access to Western Online for External Users

Guests who are not employees and are not in the hiring process: 

Individuals who are not on contract may gain access to WIU systems if someone in their college is willing to serve as a sponsor.  Once the sponsor completes the WIUP Authorized Client Request Form uTech will review the case information and begin the process of creating user credentials.  The sponsor will receive an email with the user's account information (wiu id, ecom username, email) and instructions on how to activate it. The sponsor will then share that information with the user. Additionally, the sponsor will be notified when authorizations are about to expire. 

Future Adjuncts, Faculty, and Employees in the hiring process: 

For early access requests that are tied to anticipated future employment, a Request to Fill must be entered into the Interview Exchange requisition system and approved through at least the Vice Presidential approval step before early access will be granted. Under these circumstances, the future employee should be notified to contact Human Resources via phone at (309) 298-1971 and ask to speak with Academic Employment. They will need to provide their name, anticipated role/title, personal email address, mailing address, phone number, social security number, and birthdate over the phone. Human Resources will then create a personnel record for them and a placeholder employment authorization until official employment is established. Once these steps are complete, the access credentials will be generated overnight and early access will be available the following day.