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Ideas on how to assist students with Western Online, features for communication with students, etc.

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  • Checklists - Create for Student

    Checklists are use by students to keep track of their own progress. To create a checklist do the following:

    1. Click on Resources in the nav bar and choose Content
    2. Select the module on the left that you want to add the checklist to
    3. Click the Upload/Create button and choose New Checklist
    4. Give it a title. For example, Module 1 Checklist
    5. Uncheck Hide from Users
    6. Click Save
    7. Click Add a New List
    8. Click where it says List 1 to customize the title. I usually name it the same as the overall Checklist, Module 1 Checklist, for example.
    9. Click Add a New Task
    10. Click Task 1 to add the first item in the checklist.
    11. Click Add a New Task again to add another and repeat
  • Email All Students from Western Online
    1. Click Communication and choose Classlist.
    2. Click the Email Classlist button.
    3. Click the Send Email button at the bottom of the page.
    4. Scroll down and enter the Subject in the Subject field.
    5. Click the Email link at the top left of the list.
    6. Type your message in the Body field.
    7. Click the Send button.

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