University Technology

Online Course Approval

All new and redesigned online courses must go through the Online Course Approval Process before they are offered. 

The online course approval is a shared responsibility between the faculty member, uTech Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) Instructional Design and Technology Specialists, and the faculty member’s department chairperson or director.

The Western Illinois University Online Course Requirement Checklist is the assessment instrument for approving the instructional and technical design of online courses at WIU. All requirements included on this checklist must be satisfied for your online course approval. If there is an element missing or not meeting the requirement an Instructional Designer will assist you in meeting the approval requirements. It is recommended that all faculty download and familiarize themselves with the Online Course Requirement Checklist and rely upon it while developing your course to ensure that you are meeting all requirements. If you have questions contact uTech OTL staff for assistance.


The Approval Process

  1. Before designing, acquaint yourself with the Online Course Requirement Checklist  (form will open in a new tab) and use it as a guide.
  2. Contact the uTech OTL team for design assistance and to have any questions answered. 
  3. When the course development is completed, self-evaluate your course with the Online Course Requirement Checklist.
  4. Once the course meets the requirements, complete the Online Course Review request form well in advance of the course offering start date.
  5. An OTL Instructional Design and Technology Specialist will review your course and provide feedback on any areas that need modifications or additional via email. Ensure that you allow plenty of time for the review process. Requests are completed in the order in which they are received.
  6. The faculty member will make required revisions to the course. OTL staff are available to provide training and design assistance during this time.
  7. Once the course meets all requirements OTL will sign off on the checklist.
  8. The signed course approval will be emailed to the faculty member and chairperson/director with a request for their final reviews, approval, and signatures.
  9. Upon completion of review and signatures, the department chairperson and faculty will email the checklist back to OTL.
  10. Upon receipt of the signed copy of the checklist, OTL will file all necessary paperwork, add the course to WIU’s list of approved online courses, and provide a copy of the documentation to the department.