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When adding a video to your Western Online course we recommended the best practices of embedding video files that reside on a cloud or streaming service, specifically your WIU YouTube channel or your WIU Google Drive account.

Popular Topics

  • Embed a YouTube video into Western Online

    Note: The following can be done anywhere in Western Online that uses the HTML editor. For example, when creating a page in the Content tool.

    1. Use your browser to go to the YouTube video you want to embed.
    2. Click the Share link below the video.
    3. In the window that pops up, click EMBED.
    4. Copy the provided embed code.
    5. Click Resources in the nav bar and choose Content.
    6. Select or create the module you want to add the video to.
    7. Click the Upload/Create button and choose Video or Audio.
    8. Paste the embed code in the provided text box in the Web Video or Audio tab.
    9. Type in a page title in the Title text area and click Save.

Tip Sheets

Adding a Link to your LiveStream Videos (Google Doc)

Adding Video to your Western Online Course (Google Doc)

Video Tutorials

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