University Technology

Information for Financial Aid


When a student drops a course and is removed from the courses Western Online area, all of their progress information for that course is also removed. In order for faculty to get that information for Financial Aid faculty need to add the student back into their course. Please follow the steps below.

Re-enroll your student(s)

You will need to re-enroll the student into the course that you need to gather information from. Students will need to be enrolled after 8:00am on the day you wish to retrieve the data from your course.  Students will automatically be unenrolled over night or any time an autosync of the WesternOnline system occurs.

The instructions for re-enrolling your student(s) are:

  1. From your course navigation bar, select Communications > Classlist.
  2. Click on the Add Participants drop-down menu and choose Add existing users.
  3. In the Add Existing Users search box, type the user name or email address into the user search criteria field, then click the magnifying glass search button to the right of the search text
  4. In the results list:
    • check the box to the left of the student you want to enroll.
    • Select Student in the Role column.
    • Choose the appropriate section in the Section column (many times there is only one section).
  5. Click on the Enroll Selected Students button.
  6. You should now see the student appearing in your classlist.

If you experience issues enrolling students please contact University Technology via email at or by calling 309.298.TECH. 

Gather the student(s) information needed by Financial Aid

Use the View Progress option to get the information needed.

  1. From within the course click on Communication in the nav bar and choose Classlist.
  2. Click the drop down menu to the right of the students name and choose View Progress.
  3. Use the options on the left to get the information you need.

*The student you added should automatically be unenrolled on the next scheduled auto sync of the system.