Civil Service Employees Council


I.          Membership and Terms

Representatives are appointed/dismissed by the chairperson of the committee.  Representatives will serve 2 year terms, for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms and a minimum of a 2 year layoff between terms or if not available for full terms, Representatives may volunteer and be appointed as Ad Hoc members of the Committee by the chairperson..  The committee consists of six members, one from each employee group plus the chairperson, with the chairperson being a member of the CSEC.

Committee vacancies are open to volunteers and the volunteers must be approved by the chairperson.

II.        Chairperson

Council representative serves as chairperson. The chairperson is responsible for maintaining the membership list and date of expiration of terms for the committee members.

A chairperson vacancy is open to nominations and the nominee is approved by the CSEC.  The President has the right to appoint an acting chairperson if one is needed before a CSEC meeting.

III.       Meetings

            On an “as needed” basis.

All members, except the chairperson, will vote. All votes shall be conducted by show-of-hand, paper or electronic means with the voting tally duly recorded in the minutes of the meeting..

IV.       Records

The chairperson of the committee is responsible for seeing that a report is given to the CSEC.

V.        Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Education Committee include considering the problems Civil Service employees encounter using the educational benefits, and making recommendations to the CSEC concerning possible improvements that may be made in the educational opportunities.

Correspondence requiring a response from the committee will be acknowledged by the chair person within 10 working days.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for April 2024

Kelly Harkey, Civil Service Employee of the Month for April 2024

Kelly Harkey
Administrative Assistant
Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication

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