Civil Service Employees Council

SUCS Advisory

The State Universities Civil Service Advisory Committee, created by the State of Illinois (Statute 24 ½ Section 38b1 et seq.) functions in an advisory capacity to the Merit Board, the governing body of the State Universities Civil Service System (System Office) on all matters pertaining to the System.

The Committee meets at least quarterly by statutory directive, and members of the Committee are to be reimbursed by their respective employers according to travel regulations of their respective governing boards.

The Committee addresses issues related to:

  • Changes in the Civil Service Statute and Rules
  • Changes in the benefits policies
  • Policies and procedures followed in implementing the Statute and Rules

The Committee has recommending power only and does not function as a grievance committee. The Committee also cannot be a resource for solving personal problems of Committee members, friends or co-workers.

A Committee Member is expected to:

  • Attend all meetings of the full Committee or its sub-committees (proxies are not recognized)
  • Be present at times set for the opening of meetings and stay until all business has been transacted
  • Become thoroughly familiar with the Statute and Rules of the System as well as the Constitution and Bylaws of this Committee
  • Be well-informed regarding operations of the System and its policies and procedures, bearing in mind that as a member of the Employee Advisory Committee, each of us represents ALL employees at our place of employment as designated by the Constitution and Bylaws
  • Participate in discussions coming before the Committee
  • Recommend hearing officers for their respective campus
  • Work with the Designated Employer Representative (DER) and local employees council by keeping them informed regarding civil service matters referred to the Committee

A Committee Member helps constituents by:

  • Answering questions concerning the Civil Service System, its rules and procedures
  • Assisting with specific employee problem governed by Civil Service Rules and/or procedures, and assisting in its solution
  • Accepting employee-suggested topics for discussion by the Advisory Committee and/or opinions regarding any item which the Committee has under consideration

A committee member may want to first encourage employees to meet with their supervisor for work-related problems regarding reclassification of position, questions relating to pay, fringe benefit issues and work-related problems. If this channel of communication does not satisfy the employee, the next step is to contact the Human Resources Office on the appropriate campus. Human Resources personnel can answer questions regarding examination questions, job opportunities, seniority, questions regarding pay, disciplinary actions, and interpretations of the Civil Service Statue and Rules.

If there are still questions of the interpretation of the Civil Service Statue and Rules, the System Office can be contacted. The System Office also receives all hearing requests or appeals resulting in the action, or omission, of the Designated Employer Representative (DER). If done on a timely basis, an employee can file a written request to the Merit Board to review the decision of the Director of the System Office.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for April 2024

Kelly Harkey, Civil Service Employee of the Month for April 2024

Kelly Harkey
Administrative Assistant
Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication

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