Civil Service Employees Council

Civil Service Employee of the Year 2007 - Terri Coplan

Photo: Terri Coplan

On behalf of the Civil Service Employees Council, we would like to congratulate Terri Coplan on being selected as the 2007 Civil Service Employee of the Year. Terri was the May recipient of the Employee of the Month award. She will receive a plaque honoring her and a $500 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate gifted by Carol Watts of Macomb. Terri receives this award because she exemplifies the ideal staff professional in her attitude, disposition, level of competence, and personal style.

Terri began working in 1979 as a Secretary III for the Health Sciences department and was promoted several times. Terri began working in the Communications Department as staff secretary in 2001, and she currently still holds this position.

According to Terri’s numerous nominators,
Her position is critical to the functioning of her department and she manages numerous and complex duties cheerfully and efficiently. Showing innovation and initiative, Terri has made a positive contribution to the Communications Department as well as the entire university community. Terri is always willing to help anyone who needs assistance and with her tireless dedication and terrific attitude she serves as an inspiration to those who work with her.

She is reliable and dependable and brings initiative and creativity to all aspects of her job. Her work is always of the highest caliber. She is professional, organized, and deeply cares about the people within the department. Her positive attitude reflects well for WIU.

Terri truly represents the best and the brightest among our civil service employees. Her impact on the Communications Department and the campus represents the best in educational values that are available at this University. It is an honor to present Terri with the 2007 Employee of the Year Award.

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