Civil Service Employees Council

CSEC Elections

President, Nichole Friedrichsen Vice-President,Dawn Schmitt Treasurer, Laura Caldwell Secretary Christine Staley    

Do these faces look familiar to you?

They should, they are just a few of the members on your Civil Service Employee Council!

Does your face belong up there too?

Now is the time for you to make a difference. Join the council now and REPRESENT you and your coworkers' interests

Periodically, openings occur on the council.  New council members get started by submitting a Statement of Candidacy.

If you have interest in serving your fellow employees, get started by downloading a copy of the Statement of Candidacy form. Fill out the form and have your supervisor sign and then submit the completed form to any council member.

We currently have four openings this year.

You may contact human resources for your group number, but everyone is welcome to submit a Statement of Candidacy.

Council Objectives:

  • To work with the Director of Human Resources in the formation of policies relating to all Civil Service employees.
  • To consider problems of Civil Service employees and make recommendations to the Director of Human Resources and member or members representing this campus on the University Civil Service Advisory Committee to the Merit Board regarding same.
  • To provide a medium for the passing of ideas and directives to the employee groups from the Director of Human Resources.
  • To plan and organize social, recreational, and educational activities for Civil Service employees.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for May 2023

Pam Francis, Civil Service Employee of the Month for May 2023

Pam Francis
Human Resource Officer
Human Resources

If you have a stellar civil service employee that you would like to nominate please submit your nomination here.

If you have any questions please feel free to email

We look forward to receiving your nominations.