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Council for International Education

Meetings 2023-2024: 

  • Dates/Times To Be Announced

Place: Via Zoom

FLGI Forms:

Discipline-Specific Global Issues Request

General Education Global Issues Request

Department/Program Plan for Meeting FLGI Requirement

Short-Term Study Abroad Global Issues Request

Mission Statement:

The Council for International Education (CIE) serves as the Faculty Senate’s representative body at Western Illinois University to assist undergraduate students, faculty, and administration in creating an international education environment that fosters the understanding, knowledge, and skills necessary to successfully function in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Approval Procedures (New or Revised International Education Undergraduate Courses and Curricula):

  • The  Council for International Education is an intermediate step in the university approval process for new or revised international education undergraduate courses, or curricula. As such, the Council considers only such matters that pertain to international education and FLGI.
  • This Council does not replace the requirements of the Council on Curricular Programs and Instruction (CCPI) or the Council on General Education (CGE).

Any party requesting Global Issues Designation for new or revised undergraduate courses must submit their documents to this Council. This Council will examine the documents ONLY to determine if the requirements for Global Issues Designation are met.

Requests should be emailed to the Faculty Senate Office Manager for distribution to CIE.


The Council consists of twelve members, including nine faculty from either campus (two from each college and one from the Library) appointed by the Faculty Senate, two students (one study abroad student and one international student), and the Executive Director of the School of Global Education and Outreach, or the Executive Director's designee, as a non-voting ex-officio member. Preference will be given to faculty and students with international education or experience.

Chair 2023-2024: TBD

Members 2023-2024:

  • Jongnam Choi, Earth, Atmospheric, and Geographic Information Sciences (A&S)
  • Brian Clark, Malpass Library (Library)
  • Gloria Delany-Barmann, Education (E&HS)
  • Sanjeeta Ghimire, Engineering and Technology (B&T)
  • Randy Glean, Associate VP for Global Studies (Ex-officio)
  • Keith Holz, Art and Design (FA&C)
  • Natalie Landowski, Music (FA&C)
  • Mary Mhango, Marketing and Management (B&T)
  • Miguel Narvaez, Kinesiology (E&HS)
  • Qinqing Zhu, Psychology (A&S)
  • Student Representatives TBD

Annual Reports: